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Preston Advising in a non-partisan policy advising team that examines policy for recommendations to protect people and better society.  

Financial Procedure Manuals

Organized, designed, and created the first-ever Financial Procedure Manual for a school district of 10,000+ students. With 150+ pages, the manual breaks down the local, state, and federal policy guidelines, to outline the accounting procedures implemented by the school system. The manual is easy to read and available for public transparency.


Policy Recommendations

Developed policy recommendations for a statewide nonprofit. Victims of domestic violence lost jobs when they missed work to receive medical treatment, legal advice, and crisis counseling. The finished paper included a policy history, an analysis of Safe Days laws in other states, advice from legislators, and pros and cons for each policy recommendation. Through the nonprofit's lobbying efforts, North Carolina signed the first Safe Days law in the South.


Foreign Policy

Foreign policy analysis of historical decisions to offer knowledge and policy advice for current and future events. For example, a research proposal was developed to study the foreign policies of nations that withdrew from a region after a long engagement to learn about peaceful withdrawals. The proposal was written with United States' eventual disengagement from Afghanistan and Iraq in mind.

Let's Work Together

If you have a policy project in mind, reach out to learn how Present Advising can help.  

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