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Preston Advising research is dimensional in nature, covering a wide variety of areas. Our research team will conduct a literature review, determine methodology, analyze data, and professionally write an article — the bridge between research and knowledge. To understand the diversity, here are a few of the research projects.

The Impact of Online Debates on Group Identity 

How do online debates impact group identity? Through an analysis of 250+ comments under online news stories about two protested Confederate War Monuments, the study examined signs for strengthening group identity. Pierre Bourdieu theorized a sign of group strength is individuals speaking in the name of the group. In the comments, group identity gained strength along cultural, racial, and class lines, at the expense of national identity - few commenters spoke as Americans.


The Great Power Role in the World

Great Powers are known for their ability to play the Nightwatchman in the International Realm. The research study examined if great powers can reduce anarchy in the regional balance of power by protecting weak states and leveraging peace agreements. Through analysis of the choices of Cold War leaders in Angola and Nambia, the research found great powers normally do not try to pacify. Instead, the focus is on rivalry.


Changemakers in Gender Violence

What are the strategies of changemakers who successfully reduce violence against girls and women? The research examines the social strategies employed in successful campaigns worldwide. The research finds that reputational cost, alliances, and power are used in unique ways to effectively reduce gender violence. 

Let's Work Together

If you would like to discuss a research idea, question, or discuss a project, please reach out to us today. 

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