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Preston Advising focuses on national security strategy and social movements to develop a realistic, strategic path to accomplish a set goal.  

Grand Strategy

The U.S. Grand Strategy was developed to prepare for the 2035 security climate to address concerns spelled out in the National Intelligence Committee 2040 Global Trends Report. The strategy focuses on the alliances needed now to prepare for climate change outlining an offshore balancing approach to focus on rising temperatures at home. A complex relationship with China is emphasized with a commitment to reducing emissions while holding the country at bay.


Vernacularization to Reduce Domestic Violence

An evaluation of the process vernacularization as a strategic goal. The term, developed by Sally Engle Merry, connects layers of people at the top and grassroots levels to create local social change. An example is offered of U.N. Women's use of the strategy to successfully reduce domestic violence incidents in India by creating a shared property rights law.  


A Innovative Leadership Style

An analysis of FDR's innovative leadership style as a means to create strategic pathways when transformation avenues are unavailable. In an examination of FDR's innovative choices, through disability acceptance & the Land-Lease Act, the flexible leadership style offers successful solutions to protect people and further justice and equality.  

Let's Work Together

Strategy takes different pathways and forms depending on the goal. To find out more about the development of strategic plans, please reach out to Preston Advising today.

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